Crochet Baby Sock Laundry Bag

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Baby Sock Laundry Bag
Copyright to Judith Prindle 10/21/06

# 10 cotton thread sizes g & f crochet hooks1 drawstring stopper (optional)

Not critical but mine is,4 double crochet & 4 chain 2 spaces= 2 inchesMy bag is about 10 inches across at it's widest and8 inches long.

This bag will be worked in the round without joininguntil the last round.You may use a stitch marker at the beginning of therounds if you want, but I just marked the beginning side of the bag.

With g hook:
chain 2

Round 1; 6 single crochet in the second chain.

Round 2-?; 2 double crochet in each stitch around until you have
a total of 40 double crochet.

Next Round; chain 2, 1 double crochet in next stitch around.

When you reach the first chain 2, proceed as follows
* 1 double crochet in chain 2, chain 2, repeat from * until
your bag is as long as you want (or 8 inches like mine),
ending on the beginning side of the bag.

Change to f hook;

Next Round; 2 single crochet in each chain 2 space around.
Join with slip stitch in first single crochet.
Last round; chain 1, slip stitch in next single crochet around.
Join with slip stitch in first slip stitch of this round.
Cut thread and hide ends.

With f hook for tie;
Leaving the end long enough to be included in the tassel,
make a chain about 24 inches long, slip stitch in each chain.

Cut yarn leaving the end long enough to be used in the tassel.
If you are using a drawstring stopper, feed the string through
it then make tassel type fringe on both ends of the string.
You will find instructions here;


if you need them.

If you are not using a stopper, I suggest that you slip stitch the
drawstring fast to the back of the bag when it is about 12 inches
long, then continue with another 12 inches.

Finish your tie the same as above.