Over the Book Bookmark

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Copyright to; Judith Prindle 9/7/05
small amount of bedspread weight thread (you could also use baby yarn)
size E crochet hook
a button, charm, or bead
This bookmark will loop around the book, not just lay between the pages.
Crochet a chain to a length of your choosing leaving a good long tail.
This is the first half of the bookmark and you want it long enough to go at least half way around a good size book.
My chain is about 11 inches
Thread your decoration of choice over the end of the chain just made.
For me how many chains I want the loop my button hangs from to be depends on the size
of the button. Some where between 5-8 chains. Slip stitch into a chain or two forming the chain
loop for the button to hang from..See the picture.
Continue crocheting the chain until it is just one a two chains longer than the first half.
Pull the beginning tail through the last chain and pull tight. Cut thread leaving a good legth of yarn.

There are pictures here...............

of how to make fringe. This is how I make the "tassel like" fringe on my bookmark. I measured
out about 4 feet of thread and folded it in half 3 times. I then looped it over the end of my bookmark
as shown int the pictures, pulling the end threads through with the other loops. I then cut
the loops fairly even.